Press Release: Medicare Local strengthens Partnership to build healthier Queensland businesses

Medicare Local strengthens Partnership to build healthier Queensland businesses

Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local has taken a lead role in developing  a computerised practice management system to help Queensland health professionals and organisations take better control of all aspects of the care delivery process and manage their clinical business.

TMML have strengthened their relationship with Intrahealth to enable them to provide hosted and highly customized solutions for their own organization and others within Queensland.

The reason why there’s been so much interest in Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local’s Enterprise Health Management Suite (EHMS) has been because of the level of clinical experience and development knowledge of the Profile platform.

Clinical Business Systems Manager Colleen Watkins said Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local’s EHMS was a tailored solution based on an existing tool.

“We have been working with IntraHealth’s Profile system since 2008 and saw enormous potential for a wide range of health businesses,” Mrs Watkins said.

“We have harnessed our clinical staff’s expertise in their chosen disciplines to assist us in the configuration and development of software modules.”

“This provides a localized whole of business solution which tracks patient records and forms, financials, administration requirements and provides other functions for their business.”

“This can enhance the way the end-user is able to achieve their daily objectives, with the added benefit of significantly improving productivity, security and compliance with respect to the confidentiality of patient records.”

Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local General Manager of IT Services Steve Joslin said the partnership with Intrahealth had facilitated an important point of difference between the EHMS and other software solutions available..

“TMML is the only Medicare Local positioning itself to provide secure, hosted practice management solutions to organisations within its sector that have the limited time, knowledge, technology resources and development capabilities to tailor a solution which elegantly fits the way it conducts business,” he said.

“The scalable nature of our solution fits all company footprints from single site 5 user installations to multi-site, multi-discipline, geographically spread organisations, with concurrent user requirements in excess of 1000 users.”

Intrahealth General Manager Craig Longstaff said the partnership with TMML will provide Intrahealth with a stronger and localized presence in Queensland and ensure the company is able to meet local requirements.

Mr Longstaff said TMML had invested in technology and human resources to provide highly configured localised services that facilitate real benefits to community health and private organisations.

“TMML has some incredibly knowledgeable resources and has configured and developed aspects of the Profile tool  to meet their clients’ requirements,” Mr Longstaff said.

“It seems the logical step to enhance this relationship from a purely customer relationship to a partnership agreement whereby TMML can offer Intrahealth products and related services to other organisations in Queensland.”

“The partnership will facilitate Intrahealth being able to provide localised services to customers in Queensland including business analysis, training delivery and support services by individuals who have worked in the community space in Queensland and intimately understand it.”

“This will ensure a more cost effective implementation for customers.”

For more information contact TMML Communications Manager Brett Judge on 0407 389 183 or Intrahealth General Manager Craig Longstaff on 02 9956 3827