Frequently Asked Questions
What technology can be used to deliver the software to the providers monitor?

Intrahealth is able to offer four solutions for providers:

  • Profile Rich Client
  • Profile via Terminal Services or Remote Desktop
  • Browser – Profile Rich Client via Citrix
  • Pure Browser – No Citrix
Can I get a copy of my data?

Yes.  You own the data (the patient owns their information, but not the format in which its stored).  At any time you can take a backup of the data.

Do you offer patient access?

Yes, we offer patient access by a browser.  They can perform various functions, from booking appointments, reviewing their care plan and recording home observations.  However, the provider has complete control over their access, or even if there’s any access at all.  There is also the opportunity to charge patients for this service – Profile can automatically charge them a monthly fee, or a transactional fee which they can pay online

Where is your support based?

Intrahealth has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. Each location has various roles. Intrahealth’s support team is based in Vancouver, Canada.  Intrahealth comprises of about 100 staff internationally.

Do you have clinical staff in Intrahealth?

We have three doctors currently working at Intrahealth Canada, including our CEO.

How can we be confident that Intrahealth will be here in 5 years? 10 years?

Intrahealth has been in operation since 1997.  It has been growing at 40%pa and has 100 staff world wide.  We sell to providers offices, to Medicare Locals and to other health organisations, so our risk is spread.  We are privately held (mostly) by doctors.  Our larger enterprise clients that have installed our product conducted due diligence on our financial viability. 

If you have other questions, please contact Intrahealth.

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