ProfileHCC at Intereach – Hayley Malone | Program Manager

What programs / services do you provide?

We provide support to young people who are aged between 0 and 18 years of age, who are experiencing early warning signs of mental health illness. We work inclusively of the child or young person’s family, so that they can support also. We provide either a short-term support (6 appointments) to quickly help the child or young person reach the goal that they have set, or we may provide a longer term support where we might coordinate services and supports to reach the goal. Additionally, we facilitate groups for children and young people to build their capacity around mental health related topics.

Why did you select Profile for Intereach?

When doing our research, we simply found that Profile ticked all of the boxes of what we were looking for. It was easily adapted to our workflow. We really loved that it was adaptable, and functions could be removed or added to suit what we do. A good client management system really allows us to do our work quickly and with precision, and gives confidence to us that we are meeting all of the requirements to provide a good quality service to our clients – Profile really allows us to do this.

What planning / change management activities did you put in place before implementing Profile and did this work?

We had some planning meetings with our IT team to ensure that our organisations equipment and profile were going to be compatible. Once this had occurred and we were given the green light, I was able to correspond with our Profile project officer about how our program works and we worked out a “workflow” of how what we would use Profile for from start to finish. It was a bit of back and forth to make sure everything was just right, and then we had an online meeting where we saw a live version of Profile set up for our program. Following this, we introduced it to our team to start learning, and then went live!

How many staff required training and how did this occur?

We had 8 staff attend our training session, which was held at our office. We had our project officer show us on through the entire workflow on the projector, and then she helped us practice in a demo version of the program. She stayed with us for when we went live with the program to make sure everything went smoothly. She was very patient and kind to us in learning the new software. Whilst in the demo version, we were given the opportunity to adjust anything that wasn’t quite right, which was great.

Overall, how did the implementation of Profile go?

The implementation was easy – by this stage, it was just so exciting because we had been able to practice and learn the program and were all ready to go live. Our project officer supported us on-site through the implementation, so that everything ran smoothly.

Any other comments?

Our work practice has been so enhanced by the use of Profile – because it has all of the functions we require (and more), we have all of our forms and templates added to it, so it makes our note writing etc really really fast and easy.

Hayley Malone
Program Manager
ROAR – Family Mental Health Support Service | Intereach
Address: 20 Peter Street, Wagga Wagga
Phone: (02) 6932 8300

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