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ProfileHCC at headspace Albury Wodonga

What programs / services do you provide?

As a part of headspace we provide general health and wellbeing, education and training, Drug and alcohol, and mental health services to young people 12-25 within the Albury Wodonga area.

Currently we have 15 staff including intake workers, referral and support workers, social workers, Aboriginal and Torree Straight Island workers, administrators, councellors, drug and alcohol, GP’s and Sexual Health.

Within the service we also have daily access to tertiary services and other care providers through affiliates. We provide a holistic support for young people.

What software did you previously have in place?

None – this was a new service. Gateway Health (lead agency) has a number of products, none of which we felt would meet our needs.

Why did you select ProfileHCC?

We thoroughly researched Australian products that would be beneficial in the provision of our wide range of services and privacy requirements. After signficant research we chose Profile. It was able to cater for the current diverse needs and intended future need such as growth, simplicity for part time affiliates and a web portal for our clients to book appointments online, change their details and add to their record.

What planning / change management activities did you put in place before implementing ProfileHCC and did this work?

We were under time pressure to get get the software up and running quickly to meet an opening date. Regular communication with staff was important along with ensuring the team was engaged and prepared with knowledge of the processes and system prior to the opening date.
Intrahealth were very accommodating in getting a trainer and support person on site at short notice.

How many staff required training and how did this occur?

15. We set up a dedicated training room with computers and large screen projector which worked well. Intrahealth undertook the training on-site over a period of 3 days. This gave our team a level of comfort with the product and enabled last minute processes to be ironed out. We have also maintained a separate “training” database and separate icon on the desktops so the team can “play” or where new affiliates can practice prior to commencement

Did you have any on-site support during the implementation?

Yes, we also had a soft opening which helped the team with getting comfortable in a live environment.

Did you do any data transfer from any other software and how did this go?


Overall, how did the implementation of ProfileHCC go?

Very very smoothly – Having business, technical and application team members regularly communicating assisted greatly in this process. Our team was eager and excited which made the implementation a lot easier. The team were comparing Profile to outher systems that they had used and very surprised how easy it was to use in comparison

What would you do differently if you were to do this all again?

I would insist that all of the affiliates had to come to training to get a foundation of knowledge rather than have to train at a later time
I would have had training just before we opened (Christmas managed to get in the way) and implemented a refresher course a few weeks after the go live.

Any other comments?

We’re looking forward to Profile growing with us as we evolve.

Bek Nash-Webster
Headspace Centre Manager
Phone: (02) 6055 9555

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